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Wright Morgan water pumps come in two versions: Off Grid Series and Grid Tie Series.

Off Grid Series pumps are designed for use without traditional power sources, like a 110V outlet in the wall, often referred to as the Grid. Though this mostly comprises solar-driven motors connected to photovoltaic panels (PVs, aka Solar Panels), it can also include battery-driven devices that are recharged in a number of different ways.

Grid Tie Series pumps are designed to be connected to the grid power source that most likely runs your home or business. Motors for this series are more common and less costly to develop, allowing Wright Morgan to offer very competitive pricing for these pumps. Where possible, pump bodies and accessories are commonized across both series to lower cost and offer the highest quality products.

Core to the vision of Wright Morgan is Use, Renew, and Reuse. To say that for years most consumer-grade pumps were designed to be thrown into a landfill is far from an exaggeration. Though pumps can be a bit tricky to service, with the advent of video tutorials and ease of communication directly to our Customers, guiding you through a rebuild has never been easier. In doing so we offer you a way to save time and money while not contributing further to a disposable society.

If you come from a background of using renewable energy to drive your success, it only makes sense to think of the entire product in a renewable way. This is the Wright Morgan way.



  • Off Grid Series are surface mounted solar powered pumps or batter powered high-pressure pumps
  • Grid Tie Series are both surface-mounted and deep well pumps
  • Rebuildable with spare parts kits
  • Durable – Life expectancy of 10-15 years 
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Field-Repairable with simple maintenance 


Anytime there is a need to move and pressurize water. Common applications include irrigation, livestock watering, and water supply and pressure for domestic use, rainwater catchment systems, and environmental remediation. 


  • No electricity available 
  • Expensive electricity 
  • Focus on sustainable living 
  • Unreliable electricity 
  • Value oriented


  • Jet Pump – Grid Tie or Off Grid – High volume water transfer, flood/open irrigation, dirty water applications 
  • Grid Tie Booster – Household water pressure, small-scale pressurized irrigation 
  • Grid Tie Pool Pump – small to medium sized pool requiring 24/7 filtration
  • Off Grid Pool Pump – medium to large sized pool where variable speed can reduce electricity use
  • Grid Tie Deep Well – value conscious hobby or light farming operation/vacation home/cabin
  • Grid Tie Pro Sump Pump – High quality pump to avoid surprise failures in your home basement. Rebuild and get running quickly.

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