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Off Grid Pumping

Wright Morgan’s expertise starts in the solar water pumping industry more than 20 years ago. Driven to change the prevailing industry practice that disposes of rather than rebuilds failed solar water pumps, Wright Morgan set out to build efficient pumps where refurbishment is a key design feature. How better to take maximum advantage of renewable energy than with pumps that are themselves renewable? This philosophy is core to the entire Wright Morgan line of pump products.

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Grid Tie Pumping

Using the lessons learned from designing and manufacturing high efficiency pumps for use off grid, Wright Morgan then turned its attention to applying those lessons to the grid tie pumps on offer today. Sharing as many common components and features as their off grid counterparts, Wright Morgan grid tie pumps offer unparalleled efficiency and low total cost of ownership at a competitive price. Rebuildable and distributed from our headquarters in Oklahoma, Wright Morgan grid tie pumps are the leading choice for anybody investing in their home or business.

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Understand Our Products

Spanning five different core applications, Wright Morgan pumps are specifically tailored to exceed the durability and lifespan of pumps costing considerably more to perform the same function. Designed with installation and maintenance in mind, each pump offers years of trouble-free operation. Don’t throw your sump pump away – keep a rebuild kit on hand and be back running in no time. Low water pressure at home? Our booster pumps come ready with a pressure tank for ease of installation to provide smooth water flow anywhere in your house. Feeding your irrigation system from a pond? Wright Morgan jet pumps, both solar and grid tie are ready for the job. Details and installation guides available here.

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Latest Products

Solar Pool Pump

OFF-GRID series pool pumps offer the best of both worlds – better reliability from a more advanced variable speed brushless motor at a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the pump. Because of Wright Morgan’s commitment to sustainable design and service this pump is infinitely rebuildable. Never throw another pump away – rebuild and reuse with Wright Morgan.

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Dependable and Rebuildable Pumps to meet your water pumping needs, solar or grid tie.

Taking the combined knowledge of 20 years supplying off-grid pumping solutions across North America, Wright Morgan offers unbeatable value and reliability for our Customers. Backed by a 2 year warranty and readily available spare parts, Wright Morgan is a long-term investment in your future.

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