Below you will find some of the most common questions we receive along with the answers to those questions. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, you might want to check out the Pump Matrix page or contact Wright Morgan directly.

In what type of environment should I install and keep my surface pump?

A: Wright Morgan Surface Pumps are not submersible. They can tolerate occasional water splash but must be protected from extreme wet conditions including rain. The motors require some air cooling; please allow air space around the motor. Do not wrap insulation around it. Provide coverage from rain and direct sun too. If freezing is to be expected, remove the pump or drain it for the winter season.

Every Wright Morgan pump comes with a detailed instruction manual. Please read the manual thoroughly before installation. You can download it in advance from this website on the Product Technical Content page.

Do your solar pumps require a controller?

A: Pump controllers are required for all positive displacement pumps when used without a battery (PV array-direct). All Wright Morgan Solar Pumps (surface or well) come with a pump controller and we highly recommend you use it. A solar array without a controller (or battery) will be unable to provide the current to start or run the pump unless the sun is very bright. It may not start until mid-day. A controller acts like the transmission in a vehicle. It lowers the voltage and raises the current to run the pump, however slowly, in low-light conditions – like shifting to low gear. The controller also protects the motor from overload and over-speed and provides low-power float switch control.

Controllers will increase system performance by approximately 30% over the course of one year!

Are your motors brushed?

A: All Wright Morgan motors are a brushless style, though there is nothing wrong using brushed motors, especially for industrial reliability, since they are a wear part that can easily be replaced.

Do you have any pumps that can handle hot fluids?

A: Currently, no.

What do you mean by rebuildable?

Most pump failures are the result of wear parts that eventually fail, making the pump inoperable. Often times these are internal seals, bearings, and bushings made of soft materials that wear with use.

Wright Morgan pumps make simple rebuild kits available that will allow you to replace wear parts to make the pump operable.

The only type of failure that cannot be corrected is a burned up motor, which often times is the result of running a pump after a wear part has failed. Rather than stop and replace the worn part, the pump is run until the motor is damaged via overheating.

There is no repairing a damaged motor, so when the pump starts to behave differently than normal, stop, inspect, and replace worn components. This will ensure that you don’t burn up a motor.



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