Grid Tie Series Pumps

After 20 years of designing water pumping solutions for the Solar Industry, the founders of Wright Morgan wanted to channel that knowledge of efficiency and reliability into everyday water pumping products. Our first offering, the Grid Tie Series, has been designed with low power consumption in mind, reducing electrical and financial waste in the near term while striving for a maintainable product that could outlast what the market offers today.

Grid Tie Series pumps come in a variety of functional areas intended to cover the most basic water pumping needs of most consumers. Whether its a sump pump for your house, boosting water pressure in your weekend cabin, or just replacing your pool pump for the last time, Wright Morgan Grid Tie Series pumps offer reliability engineered for a lifetime.

Designed for rebuild and reuse, the Wright Morgan Grid Tie Series pumps offer an economical way to provide long term reliability without adding waste to the ecosystem. 

All Wright Morgan products come with a 2 year warranty, available service and repair kits, and easy-to-follow tutorials to keep your pump running for years to come. Wright Morgan – rebuild and reuse.

Grid Tie Series Pump Lineup

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