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Solar Jet Pump – Off Grid Series

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Jet pumps are used for a variety of applications involving the movement of water from a water source to a destination. Off Grid Jet pumps can be used for a variety of things, including:

  • Supplying potable and pressurized water to an off grid house or cabin from a water well
  • Supplying water for remote irrigation
  • De-watering operations – keep water out of an area by discharging a great distance.
  • Watering livestock from a pond or stream

The Wright Morgan OFF GRID series pumps are designed to be solar direct or battery driven. Coupled with a basic charge controller this Jet Pump can run continuously from a four battery bank, or simply pump and build pressure when the sun is shining. The DC motor is optimized at 48V to generate maximum efficiency using todays standard commercial 72 cell solar panels over 500W.

The nature of moving water causes considerable wear and tear of the wet components. This pump is built for long life and serviceability by allowing wear parts to be replaced using the available spare parts kits. Never throw away another pump for natural failures – rebuild and reuse with Wright Morgan.

Output: 13 GPM
Total Dynamic Head (TDH): 130 FT
Suction Capacity: 25 vertical feet (7.6 m) at sea level.  Subtract 1 ft. for every 1,000 ft. altitude (1 m for every 1,000 m)
Warranty: 2 years against defects in materials and workmanship
Outlet Size: 1″
Power: 3/4 HP

  • 48V DC solar capable
  • Aluminum motor housing mated to a cast iron pump body
  • Brass impeller on a CNC balanced shaft
  • Designed for easy disassembly for basic service without disturbing piping
  • Two compartment motor for easy access to motor wiring and replaceable components
  • Drain Plug for easy winterizing and maintenance
  • Self-repriming capability after initial startup and pump cycle

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Weight 38.1 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 19 in

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